Added Ingredients

Purveyor of Fine Foods

"Local and loved"

Added Ingredients has called Abingdon it's home since 2002 and, as a member of 'the Guild of Fine Food', you can be guarenteed the best quality and selection of ingredients possible.

Run by owner Jill Carver and her fantastic team, the service is second to none. Whether you wish for a quiet browse or advice and knowledge on the produce, Added Ingredients is happy to oblige.

What can you expect from Added Ingredients?

A full range of services; Fine food, tasting and wine, cafe and deli, hampers and gifts. Or why not discuss your outside catering requirements? 

Fine food

Did we mention we are a member of 'The Guild of Fine Food'? That means that all our produce is carefully selected with it's source in mind. Not neccessarily local but fantastic all the same. Feel free to enquire as to the food's source and we will happily provide.

Tasting and wine

Yes that's right, if your partial to a glass of wine and appreciate a good grape, then we are the right place for you. With our monthly wine and tasting evenings, there is no need to miss out. You can expect six fantastic wines, an introduction to each, 10% off all wines purchased on the evening, and to top it off, food to accompany the theme of the evening.

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Cafe and Deli

With three tables available, why not sit in this cosy cafe surrounded by mouth watering ingredients. Ponder over your choice of coffee, tea or, with an alcohol licence in place, a glass of wine! Spoilt for choice? Ask a member of staff for a recommendation. A nice lunchtime treat is our sharing platter, fresh from our deli and a glass of wine (or two!) so grab your companion and come on down.

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Hampers and Gifts

Whether you have a picnic in mind or a special occasion such as; a birthday, Mother's or Father's day, or simply because a special someone deserves a treat, then we will happily create the perfect hamper for you. 

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Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday

8:30am - 6pm





16 Stert Street, Abingdon, OX14 3JP

01235 537405